CES 2010: Microsoft to unveil new HP built tablet?

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microsoft_courier_tablet.jpgAn unnamed source has revealed that Microsoft may well be planning to unveil a brand new HP-built tablet PC during their keynote conference at CES 2010.

Ashlee Vance of the New York Times states that:”My sources say that Mr. Ballmer will show the as yet unnamed HP device. The product will be touted as a multi-media whiz with e-reader and multi-touch functions.”

Gizmodo produced a mock-up last September (pictured), giving a rough idea of what the tablet may look like.

However, is this a case of bandwagon jumping by Ballmer, Gates and co? Microsoft have already had their fingers burned with their relatively unsuccessful Tablet PC way back in 2001. Is the world better prepared for such technology now?

As the New York Times warns: ” It could be one of Steve Ballmer’s riskiest trade show moves in years…the last thing Mr Ballmer wants to hold up is a me-too device. All eyes will be on Mr Ballmer this week to see if Microsoft and HP can out-Apple Apple before Apple Apples.”

Keep your eyes peeled later tonight (2.30am GMT) for Tech Digest’s report on Microsoft’s keynote speech.

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Via: New York Times

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