CES 2010: Immerz KOR-FX acousto-haptic gear lets you "feel" your gaming experience

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Ever felt bad watching all those little digital comrades taking hits in Gears of War or Modern Warfare? Ever wanted to know what it feels like to take one for the team? Me neither, it sounds painful. But peripheral makers Immerz are putting together a bit of kit set to immerse you completely in the worlds of your games and movies.

Dubbed “full sensory immersion gear”, the Immerz KOR-FX uses “acousto-haptic” technology to relay physical vibrations to select areas of your chest, activating “neural pathways that subconsciously monitor the vibrations of the chest cavity that naturally occur when speaking, laughing or crying.”

It all sounds a bit creepy, but when synced up with a frenetic gaming session it could prove a really immersive addition to your gaming gear. Or really annoying.

Click above for a (frankly hilarious) demonstration video.

You can pre-order the kit here, priced at $189.99 (roughly £120).

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