CES 2010: Canon show off new budget A-series cameras

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canon A3100.jpgCanon have today been showing off some new additions to their budget set of A-Series cameras.

£115 will bag you the PowerShot A3100 IS and is the most advanced offering on show here, featuring 12.1 megapixels, 4x zoom and optical image stabilising. The A3000 IS also has a 4x zoom, but just 10 megapixels for your £95. Both have 2.7 inch screens and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

The A495 (£80) and A490 (£70) are, baring some image processing options, very similar. Both are 10 megapixels with a 3.3x zoom, and will happily eat away at your AA batteries as most cameras in this price range usually do.

Expect to find these new Canon photo boxes in stores in the Spring.

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One thought on “CES 2010: Canon show off new budget A-series cameras

  • I think as far as bang for your buck this Canon is a great deal. Canon is known for their great cameras and this budget friendly version gets you the Canon quality without going broke. For an everyday use camera, taking pictures of the family, etc. it is perfect and the 12 megapixels are a lot for this price range.

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