CES 2010 – video hands on of the Motorola Backflip phone

CES 2010, Mobile phones

Gerald has already written about this here, but I was lucky enough to get a quick go with it at CES. It sits somewhere inbetween the Droid/Milestone and Cliq/Dext in form and features. It runs Google Android, has the very impressive social networking optimised Motoblur interface and also has a five mega pixel camera.

I like the Cliq/Dext and especially the Motoblur interface so I instantly liked this. What worries me though is that is has similar battery power to the Cliq/Dext which only just got me through a day’s usage.

The flip features are nice. It certainly looks good standing up – and it can moonlight as a really cool alarm clock as it can have a permanent clock on its facia (you’ll want it plugged in for this). The stand element also works well for watching video and it has a decent screen. However the touchpad on the back is a bit of a gimmick – it works well enough but you’ll never use it.

So another good Android handset from Moto. I still think they have a killer phone up their sleeves.Oh and the official word is that it is definetly coming to the UK soon.

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