CES 2010 – video of Armour Home Q2 Tilt Internet radio

CES 2010, Home audio

Armour Home, a UK company, is billing this as the internet radio for people you wouldn’t expect to have an internet radio. It is very basic and therefore very easy to use. There is no screen and no buttons, to move channels (you can store four radio stations) and chnage the volume you just tilt and turn it. It comes with a rechargable battery which lasts ten hours before it conks out. It also comes with a mains lead too.

The limited number of presets means that isn’t for everyone, but the company is confident that it has a market among kids, grannies and people who only ever tune into four radio stations.

The only tricky part is setting up as that involves hooking up the radio to a PC.

It goes on sale in April for £75 and is available in a wide variety of colours, bet we see it in John Lewis and a few other places too.

In case you were wondering Armour Home own quite a few electronic and audio brands and are a major distributor too.

Thumbnail pic from Gearlog

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  • Like the mobile phone with two buttons only. A green and red one.

  • It’s kind of radio in a box – no buttons, no screen. Shake it and it will go. Weird gadget!

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