CES 2010 – Video of Toshiba's Cell TV that is controlled by hand gestures

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Come next year you’ll be able to bin your remote control as you’ll be able to control your TV simply by waving your hand. Well if you will if you own a top-end 3D Toshiba Cell TV. The video is very dark, but you can just about make out how the woman controls the set using her arms. Believe me this is awesome. Just watch how she cycles through the menu options by flicking her fingers.

So launch next year on a 3D HD Cell TV – and that’s all we know for now.

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  • Not a good idea. I would hate the channel to be changed every time a reach for my beer.

  • Well, the video is not with high quality but it is enough to get the overall idea. Finally the age of remote controls is over.

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