CES 2010 – the ZOMM a Bluetooth leash for your mobile

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ZommYou know what it is like. You leave the house in a hurry, jump aboard the bus and it isn’t until you are half way to work that you realise that you have left your mobile phone at home. If this happens to you on a regular basis then you might be interested in a new Bluetooth device called the ZOMM.

ZOMM is being billed by the company as a wireless leash for your mobile. Basically it is designed to let you know if you ever leave it behind. The device is a small circular fob with one central button that you attach your key ring. You then use Bluetooth to pair the device to your handset (it apparently works with all Bluetooth enabled mobiles) and when you move out of range i.e. the device is more than 50 or so metres from the mobile, an alarm goes off. It also vibrates and flashes to make sure you get the message.

You can also use the phone as a mini wireless speakerphone, so by pressing a button you can talk and listen through the device’s speaker. Finally it also moonlights as a panic alarm and if you activate this function it notifies the emergency services.
You charge the device through an onboard USB connector with one single charge apparently lasting up to three days.

It will be on sale in the US in the late spring for around $70 and should cross the Atlantic soon after.

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