Apple iTunes music streaming as early as June?

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itablet.jpgBig rumours this morning that Apple is going to launch a streaming music version of its iTunes service in early summer. Speculation about Apple’s plans has been sparked by a round of tablet-related rumours in The Wall Street Journal. In among talk of TV subscription deals and agreements with magazine publishers the WSJ piece mentions that a web based music streaming service could be coming as soon as June. This would make perfect sense as at the end of last year Apple bought music streaming service Lala.

It is conceivable that Apple would only run the service on its tablet (iTablet/iSlate/iWish wehadanameforit). This would certainly help make what could be a tricky sell amore compelling proposition. If it does offer streaming, and this seems inevitable now, it’ll be interesting to see how this impacts on sales of music downloads. Also would the streaming service be available tom iPhone owners? It would certainly put the pressure on Spotify.

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