Video of the Day: Christmas Lights Guitar Hero hack

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Remember that scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, where all of Chevy Chase’s festive struggles come good when his ridiculous fairy light system shines brighter than the sun? Well some bright spark has gone one better. Or should that be one louder?

A round of applause please for Mr Ric Turner, one time Disney special effects expert, who has turned his entire house into a festive lightshow, powered by…wait for it… GUITAR HERO.

Using 21,268 twinkling fairy lights and an intricate knowledge of electronics, Ric has rigged his house up to his Wii Guitar Hero game so that it lights up in time with his button mashing.

Words just don’t do it justice, so check out the video above. It’s totally mental, and 100% awesome.

For full details of this mammoth undertaking, check out Ric’s conversation with Make.

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  • This is, quite possibly, the best Christmas decoration I have ever seen. Oh, to be the son of that family!

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