New HDMI-ready Motorola Android, the Sholes, on its way?

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moto sholes.jpgLeaked pics of a new Motorola Android handset reveal that the rumoured Motorola Sholes could be packing a HDMI-out port.

While it’s reported 3.7 inch touchscreen is not to be sniffed at, being able to output your videos to a HD screen would be an excellent feature. The touchscreen itself has a great WVGA pixel count, and, combined with the HDMI functionality, has lead insiders to believe that the Sholes may be a modified version of last year’s rumoured Moto TouchZINE, which was purportedly capable of 1080p recording and playback.

The Sholes is also said to feature an 8 mega pixel camera with Xenon Flash, microSD expansion slots and an ever-useful 3.5mm headphone jack. It looks set to be a very capable multimedia handset, should the Sholes ever see the light of day. We’ll keep you posted.

Via : TechRadar

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