200 mile e-car battery five years away, claim Nissan

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nissan leaf.jpgHere’s some good news for supporters of eco-friendly electric cars. Nissan have been working away on a new kind of battery cell for use in e-cars, and claim that within five years it will be rolling out new batteries with twice the energy storage capacity than is currently available.

By their estimations, Nissan’s Leaf e-car could in theory travel 200 miles on a single charge.

The use of a lithium nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) oxide cathode is the source of the new boost in efficiency for the batteries.

Though the batteries should cost no more to make than the ones currently in use, it’s unlikely that pricing for the consumer will reflect this. Different kWh capacities could easily come with different price-tags, though Nissan do have plans to lease out the batteries, allowing current e-car drivers to upgrade more economically.

Would this news increase your chances of trading in your petrol guzzler for an electric car? Let us know in the comments below.

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Gerald Lynch
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  • I want to buy electric anyway, but a longer range would do wonders for the car’s usability.

  • at last they are thinking of leasing batteries.
    this reflects the real cost of electric cars the cost of replacing the batteries every few years.
    it like having a 1000 gallon petrol tank that has to be refilled every few years.
    leasing means that the company doing the lease will do the correct calculations and price accordingly and demand the best batteries in relation to the actual cost per mile

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