Vuzix launch Wrap Video Eyeware

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Vuzix Wrap eyewear.JPGVuzix have launched a new line of sunglasses-styled video eyeware. The Wrap range feature displays embedded in the glasses which recreate for the wearer the experience of watching a screen up to 67 inches in size.

The Wrap video eyeware can be connected up to any device that features composite video-out. Though the Vuzix Wrap glasses will ship with an iPod/iPhone adaptor, a separate cable adaptor will be needed to connect up DVD players, PCs and games consoles.

All the Wrap devices are capable of displaying 3D content, which will be handy when the 3D revolution really kicks into gear next-year.

Out in time for Christmas, the Wrap 230, Wrap 280 Widescreen and the Wrap 920 will cost £129.99, £179.99 and £249.99 respectively.

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Gerald Lynch
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