Turn gadget junk into cash with Orange

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mobile phones.jpgRecently, Toshiba announced that it would give cash-back on unwanted laptops when trading up for a Windows 7 model. In a similar incentive, Orange are looking to give customers cash for a variety of unwanted gadgets that may be cluttering up homes nationwide.

Recycle and Reward from Orange allows customers to bring in any aging mobile phone, laptop or MP3 player to an Orange mobile store. After a quick evaluation, Orange will then send a cheque in the post in exchange for the gadget.

Also, for £6, Orange will back up any stored data on the device, an important task that Orange believe up to 38 percent of users do not do. This service will be free to members of Orange’s Care program.

According to Orange, £450 million worth of unwanted gadgets are littered around UK households. Orange see the incentive as a move towards a greener service from the network provider.

They said “80 percent of our electricity now comes from renewable sources while in July we introduced the mini-SIM to reduce the amount of waste associated with new SIM cards. Recycle & Reward is just another small step, for us as a business and for the public, in our journey towards greener, more sustainable practices.”

Gerald Lynch
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