Swindon to give free Wi-Fi internet to all residents

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wi-fi.jpgResidents of Swindon are to be the first in the country to receive free Wi-Fi internet access.

The £1 million project has been co funded by the public and private partners, and will give 186,000 residents free internet access from 1,400 secure access points.

The concept originated from businessman Rikki Hunt who teamed up with the local council to form Digital City UK, the company responsible for delivering the service under the brand name Signal.

Line rental and connection charges will be free, with Digital City UK hoping that users will upgrade to a subsidised 20mb subscription service.

Speaking to The Guardian, Swindon borough council leader Rod Bluh said “Not only will residents in the borough be able to access the internet for free, the council and its partners will be able to use the technology to provide cutting-edge services to the areas or individuals who need them.”

Via: The Guardian

Gerald Lynch
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