SoundRacer turns your Ford Escort into a Ferrari

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If you’re dreading the drive up and down the country to visit the in-laws this Christmas, speed freaks on a budget may get a real kick out of the SoundRacer.

The SoundRacer plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and uses an FM transmitter to play V8 or V10 engine sounds out of your car speakers. In a clever touch, the SoundRacer syncs up to your RPM counter to accurately scale the top-speed sounds to the top end of the speed limit. Your 30mph Robin Reliant all of a sudden sounds like a Lewis Hamilton-bothering Ferrari!

We suspect that this little gadget could entice some boy-racers to get a bit reckless, so we wouldn’t recommend letting this into the hands of anyone but those with the cleanest of driving records.

You can pick up a SoundRacer here.

Gerald Lynch
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