Orange sell over 30,000 iPhones on day one

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orange-iphone.jpgIt may be a year old, but the iPhone is still breaking records. Orange recorded over 30,000 iPhone 3GS units sold yesterday, their first day selling the handset, breaking the record for single day sales for a mobile phone.

It’s a massive figure. But with so few differences between the services offered by Orange and O2 it is a little hard to explain. A loyal customer base perhaps, or the multi-million “You’re Covered” ad campaign boasting Orange’s strong coverage might have helped the surge in interest. Little perks like Orange Wednesdays too swing support in Orange’s favour.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Vodafone can match or beat these big numbers when they start selling the iPhone in early 2010.

Gerald Lynch
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One thought on “Orange sell over 30,000 iPhones on day one

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