LinkedIn announces integration deal with Twitter

Twitter, Web 2.0

LinkedIn.pngLinkedIn, the social networking site aimed mostly it seems at young professionals touting for work, has announced a partnership with microblogging platform Twitter. As a result of the deal, members will now be able to share status updates between their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

The integration of the two networks through the Tweets app allows members of LinkedIn to automatically share their updates on the professional network with their Twitter followers. They can also select Twitter status updates to share with their LinkedIn network by adding the #in hashtag to tweets on the microblogging site. LinkedIn members will be able to track and manage their Twitter feed from within their LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 51 million members, including 11 million in Europe and almost 3 million in the UK. However it seems that many people who have LinkedIn pages spend very little time updating their status or their profile. LinkedIn will no doubt be hoping that the Twitter integration will make their service a little more dynamic. The new Twitter integration facility will be available in the next few days.

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