Could Project Natal be ready by November 2010?

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Project NatalNovember 2010 is the speculative worldwide release window for Project Natal, Microsoft’s revolutionary Xbox 360 motion-controlling add-on.

The news apparently leaked from a Microsoft meeting in the UK, with Microsoft planning to roll out 5 million of the units at the launch.

If rumours are to be proven true, Project Natal could cost as little as £30-£50. The price range would put the add-on in “impulse buy” territory, with Microsoft likely subsidising the unit through software costs. When you view Project Natal as a console changing piece of kit, hardware comparable to a brand new system launch, these rumoured pricings are incredibly reasonable.

Microsoft are hoping to have 14 games ready when the add-on does rear its head, though which developers this will include is yet to be announced.

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One thought on “Could Project Natal be ready by November 2010?

  • MS emulating the Wii? Not what I expected… It has a ton of potential, I just hope it doesn’t end up fading away fast like the Super Scope or things of that nature. If the devs’ hearts aren’t in it, it will flop.

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