2010's Most Endangered Technologies

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dvd endangered.jpgPIXmania have released a list of the world’s most endangered technologies going into 2010. A panel of industry experts put 2,500 gadgets through their paces, weighing up how innovations over the past year may have affected the stability of established technologies.

According to the panel, the top ten technologies most at risk are:

  1. DVD players
  2. Fax machines
  3. Analogue TV
  4. The landline phone
  5. Mobile phone chargers
  6. The Wii-mote
  7. Sat Navs
  8. The Dongle
  9. The computer mouse
  10. Chip and pin credit cards

No denying the DVD is on it’s way out, but it’s still a long way off from being obsolete. Despite most households having HD ready TVs these days, Blu-Ray is still proving a slow burner. It may be overtaken by Blu-Ray sales in the next year, but with nearly everyone owning a DVD player, it’ll be one hell of a long swan-song for the format.

And seriously; does anybody still use a fax machine in 2009, let alone by 2010?

Gerald Lynch
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  • Analogue TV’s can still live on providing they have a scart socket. Very miss sold that they need to be digital themself, its the decoder that need to be digital! What happened to the other shiny blogs?

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