Why can't we have these VIZIO LED backlit LCD HDTVs in the UK?


vizio_led_lg.jpgUS company VIZIO is really starting to annoy us now. Over the past few years this Californian-based Taiwanese backed company has become a huge player in the US TV market and apparently is number one in sales of LCD TVs. And today they have unveiled what looks like the very first small LED backlit LCD HDTVs.

The two models, a 23inch 1080p model (VM230XVT) and a 19inch set (VM190XVT), are both very skinny, offer high contrast levels, efficient energy consumption and apparently deliver quality pictures – just like most LED backlit LCD HDTVs. Unlike rival sets though they can also double as a picture frame via USB connection and like most VIZIO products they are very competitively priced with the 23inch model going for less than $400.

So why is all this annoying? Well so far VIZIO has no distribution in the UK. In fact they only started shipping to Canada last year. Come on guys – how about a few tweaks to your sets and then a deal with Amazon? It’s easy to do this stuff these days isn’t it?

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  • I've had this HDTV – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BF… – for three months and am so thrilled with it. Excellent Picture! Very easy to set up and operate. And it's $100 less than comparable Samsung and $200 less than comparable Panasonic/Sony.

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  • er…. maybe because there are already PLENTY of LED backlit screen s in the UK???

    I would trust sony, panasonic, JVc, samsung far more than an unknown in UK make….

    and besides, by June or earlier, they will ALL be OUT of date – The new freeviewHD sets will start appearing… 😀 😀 😀

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