The i-Wallet – a digital picture frame to go


Digital iwallet.jpgThe trouble with carrying round pics of your loved ones in your wallet is that after a week or two they tend to get dog eared and crinkly. Which is why no one does it any more.

However Genie Gadgets are attempting to restart the trend via an enterprising solution called the i-Wallet. It is a fairly tasty black leather wallet with lots of space for credit cards and cash etc, but it also has a mini 1.4inch screen and16MB of internal memory. The idea being that you can upload your pics and voila an instant 56 image gallery each time you reach for your receipts. It also includes speakers so you can listen to a 140 second message from your loved one.

Of course if you change the object of your affections you simply plug the wallet into your PC via USB and update the photos.

It is a sweet idea, but isn’t showing off images of your beloved what camera phones were invented for?

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