Sony plans 360-degree 3D display

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sony-360-degree-stereoscopic-3d-display.jpgSony’s big plans to rule the roost over 3D technology next year took a step away from flat screen TVs as details of a prototype 360-degree 3D display were unveiled today.

Measuring just 13 x 27 cm, the prototype displays a 360 degree viewable 3D image without the need for any glasses. At a mere 96 x 128 pixels, the 24-bit colour image is a tad on the small size, but opens up a wealth of possible commercial uses for 3D technology.

Sony plans to see it go to good use in the medical sector to help with patient imaging, and also to potentially make dramatic Bladerunner-style digital signage.

The photo suggests however a slightly more humble use for the 3D prototype, as a very expensive new home for a virtual pet.

Set to be displayed at Tokyo’s Digital Content Expo 2009 on Thursday, expect to see many more similarly experimental uses of 3D technology in the coming months.

Gerald Lynch
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