GEAR4 debuts 'world's first wireless iPhone charger'

iPhone accessories

powerpad.jpgThe folks at GEAR4 are getting very excited this morning about what they are billing as the world’s first wireless iPhone charger the PowerPad. Now being able to charge the iPhone wirelessly anywhere in a room would be great. It would mean you could still use the device while charging without it having to be tethered to the mains.

Except that the PowerPad isn’t quite as smart as that. Basically it is a flat pad that uses inductive charging to power the iPhone’s battery. The good bit is that you can put the iPhone anywhere on the pad for it to charge up. The downside is that the phone needs to be sporting a protective rubber case.

GEAR4 is claiming that the wireless system is just as good and takes the same length of time as wired chargers.

It will be available in November and cost £79.99. More here.

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