Can Twitter help you lose weight? Tweet What You Eat hopes so


twye_pin.gifRemember fat blogging and how web celebs like Jason Calacanis shed a few pounds by chatting about their food intake online? Well fat blogging has had a remake and is back now as fat micro blogging. There’s a new site called Tweet What You Eat which apparently has already helped a few celebs like Stephen Fry and Matt Lucas lose a bit of weight. You use it to tweet about all you eat and then use its calorie counter database to see how much you have consumed. The idea being that you think twice before you head for the biscuit tin as you know you’ll have to share it with your Twitterverse.

There’s also a diet forum for users to share tips on how to shed their spare tyre too.
The good part is that when you post on TWYE it doesn’t post to your main account, so the rest of your Twitter followers need not know about the triple chocolate Macchiato with extra cream you had in the afternoon. The bad bit is that the database is a bit primitive – so ask it how many calories are in a Marmite bagel and it shrugs its shoulders. The idea though is that users will fill in the calories for the items they eat, so the database will get better over time.

Nice idea though, let’s hope the iPhone/Android apps aren’t far away.

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