20 mega pixel camera phones coming in 2010

Mobile phones

20-Megapixel-3G-Camera-Phones-On-Way3G.jpgHow many mega pixels do you need on your camera phone? Five? Twelve like this one? Well how about 20?

Texas Instruments has announced a coprocessor for mobile phones, the OMAP-DM525 that offers 20 mega pixel camera imaging capabilities and 720p high definition recordings. The coprocessor is currently undergoing testing at the moment and will apparently go on sale in 2010.

The coprocessor also includes an impressive arsenal of camera facilities including Smart Lighting, which compensates for backlit and low-light environments, Face tracking which Identifies, recognizes and focuses on faces and TV-out capabilities for watching thaty high def footage on your telly.

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  • They will if they want a decent quality image. Noise on a 20MP sensor that’s small enough to fit in a phone will be ridiculous. Plus it won’t be about to touch the optics of a DSLR or point and shoot. I’ll pass, even though as Steve points out, this won’t be on the market for a few years to come

  • Nowhere in this piece does it say that 20 MP phones are coming next year – only that there will be a processor available that would be able to handle 20 MP.

    They would still need a 20 MP CCD in the phone, would they not?

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