• love my x10. awesome. probably my favorite unlocked new phones right now. processor is faster, my wife loves hers for the recorder and camera, great for family moments and catching our scenic washington views. i like the phone it looks great, lots of compliments. much better than our old unlocked at&t phones. the email and gps help us get around and the email helps me keep in touch with my clients and old friends from college. our unlocked quad band phones also keep us busy with the facebook and games, definately a lot of options with these bl40’s. very impressed. the touch screen is also easy to manuever around and open what i want. it’s all right there because the screen is so large. also got our cell phone unlock codes and sony ericsson unlock codes free so that’s nice. the battery life lasts me all day long too so that’s practical and the speaker is loud enough to use in my truck which is pretty loud. 2 thumbs way up on this phone. got our last couple unlocked cell phones at unlockthatphone.com very happy with our purchase.

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