Finis upgrades SwiMP3 with 1Gb memory

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Finis Inc 1GB player.jpgI love the Finis SwiMP3 player. It’s fantastic for relieving the boredom of swimming up and down the pool and sound quality underwater is surprisingly good thanks to its use of bone-conduction technology.

Humans normally hear through air conduction, but because there is no air underneath the water, Finis claims that bone conduction provides the clearest sound quality possible. Instead sound vibrations are transferred from the cheek bone to the inner ear, giving the swimmer much better sound quality. Certainly audio quality is much better than other underwater MP3 players I’ve tested including Speedo’s much cheaper Aquabeat.

There’s just one small problem, the 256Kb model I’ve got can only fit around 45 songs on there. But now Finis has upgraded the SwiMP3 with 1Gb memory – enough for up to 200 tracks I reckon. Finis claims that a single USB charge of the lithium ion battery can last up to 10 hours, enough for even the most exhaustive of swimming workouts (unless you are swimming the channel that is). The SwiMP3 is compatible with MP3 and WMA files.

“Current waterproof MP3 players are quite awkward for training in the water as athletes are hindered by straps, cords and earphones. We created the SwiMP3.1G specifically for swimmers so they could continually swim without having this cumbersome feeling of too many cords and poor sound quality. Our SwiMP3 features a water proof design with 1GB of storage for maximizing and motivating your swim workout with your favorite music” says John Mix, President of Finis.

The SwiMP3 is now available for $149.99 at sport retailers’ world wide and at


Small Slender Design
Easily clips on to goggle for a non-cumbersome fit that you can hardly feel
Patented Bone Conduction Technology
Transfers clear sound through the water
Integrated MP3 Panel
Incorporates on/off, volume, next/previous track, pause and shuffle functions
1GB of Storage
Load MP3 or WMA files for a waterproof music library
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
Provides 10+ hours of use through USB charge
Compatible with MP3 or WMA files

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  • The battery lasts for one hour before recharging as it will discharge by itself. Turning the power off and touching the reset button will not stop the battery from draining. After 2-3 days of non-use, the unit will fail to turn on.

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