Britain gets a new mobile phone network – giffgaff

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giffgaff.pngIt has been a while since we had a new mobile phone network in the UK so I think there will be a lot of excitement around giffgaff, a new operator which will debuting some time before Christmas.

The network is billing itself as people powered and says it has some unique features.
It works completely online, has one single tariff for data and voice and it doesn’t sell handsets so subscribers can use any mobile they want. The company also claims that the more a person gets involved in the company then the cheaper their calls become. There’s no firm details on pricing plans yet.

In fact ee don’t know a great deal else about the service except that it will use O2’s network- so in theory it could be compatible with the iPhone – and it will apparently be driven by feedback from its users.

And in case you were wondering giffgaff was originally a Scottish expression – You give me something, I give you something back.

It’ll be fascinating to see how the service evolves and whether they make their Christmas launch deadline.

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