Apple announces new iPod Touch, nano with video camera, 160 Gig iPod classic and new shuffles


showcase_lead_ipodnano20090909.jpgHere’s the quick and dirty lowdown on today’s iPod news

iPod Touch – New top-end 64 Gig model, new 32 Gig model and price drop for the 8 Gig. Faster processors and OpenGL ES 2.0. UK prices are £149 for the 8 Gig iPod touch, the 32 Gig model is £229 and 64 Gig model is £299. All are on sale now.

iPod nano – 8 Gig iPod nano with video camera and integrated mic, speaker, voice recorder. Also features pedometer that will sync with Nike Plus, FM radio. Available in pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, silver and black. The 8GB model is £115 in the UK, and the 16GB is £135 in the UK. Both are available now. See here for more details.

iPod Classic
– new 160 gig version, same size as 120 Gig which retails for £189 in the UK, again available now.

iPod Shuffle – New colours (pink, green, blue) in addition to silver and black. Also special stainless steel 4 Gig edition. New models and price drops on 2 (£45 in the UK) and 4 Gig models. There’s also a Special Edition 4 Gig version.

None of the new models are on Apple’s Uk site – well not yet.

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