And the world's largest HD video screen is…


cowboysstadium-06-20-09.jpgI remember being hugely impressed by the new fangled high definition video screens unveiled at the Arsenal Emirates stadium back in 2006. Now things will be so clear I thought to myself, that not even Arsene Wenger will be able to miss a late tackle, a dodgy dive or a dubious offside decision.

Even I have to admit though that the screens at the Emirates look rather pants to those at the Dallas Cowboys stadium which has just nabbed a place in The Guinness Book of Records for being largest video screen on the planet. In fact the screens – which are made up of four Mitsubishi Diamond Vision LED video screens, two measuring 72 feet high by 160 feet and two end-zone displays are 29 feet high by 51 feet wide.

The screen has a total viewing area of 11,393 square-feet and is display is equal to 3,268 52-inch televisions, and has 10,584,064 LED lights.

Let’s hope it runs off solar power, for if not their leccy bill is going to be huge.

Ashley Norris