0870 – an iPhone app that can actually save you money

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0870screenshot-2-200x300.jpgSome iPhone apps are just great fun. Others make your life easier and help make you more productive. However there aren’t that many which actually save you money.

Well here’s one that will save you a few quid if you live in the UK at least. It is called 0870 and its basic premise is that it makes it cheaper for iPhone users to dial premium numbers such 0870, 0845 and 0800. These would normally cost the user 35p per minute, but using the app the numbers are converted from 08 numbers to 01 and 02 numbers which then come out of your monthly call allowance and subsequently are much cheaper. More info here

How it works is that the app searches a database for the 08 number you are calling and then directs the call to an alternative landline number if it can find one.

The app has been available to Android users since January with company developer Simon Maddox stating that he believes that the app’s users have saved £84,000.

Now it has become available to iPhone users though its arrival is not without controversy, As Mike Butcher points out at TechCrunch Europe it has taken Apple an astonishing 429 days to approve the app.

At the moment the app only works in the UK but it is free to download and use.

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