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Share’s a site that has great potential. combines everything that’s regarded as cool on the web at the moment: Google Maps, social shopping and Twitter/Twitpics. Or according to the blurb, “it’s a location based social shopping that allows you to share photos/tweets.” On paper it sounds like a winning combination, a vertitable internet supergroup especially if you trust other people’s recommendations when it comes to buying stuff (I don’t). Just one problem. It’s very difficult to get excited about it – yet.

JustBought.it2.jpgFor a start it feels very American. Type Birmingham in and I’m taken to a Google map of Birmingham, Alabama. Even finding anything going on in London was difficult enough (that’s when I had convinced them it was London, UK, not London, Ontario).

The most interesting thing I could find was a bloke in Bromley who had bought a packet of 20 B+H from Waitrose. Needless to say, I won’t be following his recommendation. What’s more, for some reason it kept taking me to Brighton to find shopping recommendations – was it trying to tell me something?

It’s early days I guess and things will get more interesting as time progresses and people make more recommendations. Interestingly, it’s split into various categories such as Shoes/Books/Cosmetics/Electronics/DVDs/T-Shirts which kind of makes sense. You can also search by the latest Tweets. It’s got great potential, but I simply can’t get excited about it, just yet.

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