Time Out launches London Connect social media web pages


It not so much a new site unto itself but the addition of the London Connect pages to the Time Out London site are certainly a breath of fresh web 2.0 air. If you’ve ever trawled the listings of the older online areas you probably gave up after a few clicks but this launch offers a much more immediate and accessible look at what’s going on in town that you might actually want to go to.

The most obvious of the social media additions are the live Twitter updates from each of the Time Out departments, ie: Art, Film, Music, Food & Drink, Theatre. You can search through the lot as well as see all the RTs and @replies in the Backchat section for a better picture of how the events are being viewed about the web in general.

There’s also long overdue video reviews to give you a far better idea of what it is the critics are recommending before you make some hideous mistake and take you parents to an S&M themed restaurant. Last of all is the Win+1 area which gives users the chance of getting themselves on the guest list of all the big goings on in town.

It’s a little sparse content-wise at the moment but it’s early days and, once they fill it up with vids and comps, it’ll be a much more effective tool for getting the most out of the Big Smoke.

Go and have a look for yourself and, at the least, follow a few of the team on Twitter.

Daniel Sung
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