RUMOUR: T-Mobile UK to sell iPhone 3G

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t-mobile-iphone.jpgCould it be true? Do we want it to be true? Is T-Mobile really in negotiations with Apple to break O2’s exclusivity on the Jesus Phone? In truth, I don’t know, but a report on the Register says that’s what’s agoin’ on.

Now, bear in mind that this would only be a deal to stock the iPhone 3G and not the 3GS which only arrived a few weeks back. That’s still staying with O2 only but I have heard some time ago that the deal between them and Apple is to run out in the next couple of years; 2011, I believe it was.

The story goes that T-Mobile is keen to climb the UK mobile provider ranks from its current fourth spot and prove to the Deutsche Telekom bosses that it’s worth keeping. Stocking the iPhone would certainly be an interesting way of doing that, providing that the UK market isn’t already saturated with them. The deal would be attractive to Apple who currently rely on network subsidies to keep the cost of the iPhone as low as possible.

Naturally, all parties have refused to comment on the matter apart from T-Mobile who called the report “merely speculation”. It may well be but I thought you’d better hear it just in case there’s a kernel of truth within. Wouldn’t want to surprise you all with an announcement like that out of the blue.

So, let’s say it does happen. Good thing? Would you go for a 3G over a 3GS? Would it make any difference if it was the same price as on O2? And do you think it could spark a mini price war if not?

(via Brand Republic)

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  • Yep its true , boy I cant wait , I am a current T Mobile customer and a rep just told me that in the next few months they will be selling them …

  • Yup,

    I spoke to Tmobile and they pretty much confirmed it by saying the rumours on the net are not un true. I say bring it on! Look at it this way if BT still had the monopoly on all the telephone exchanges we would not have broadband speeds in excess of 50mb available because no one would be able to compete. Now I heard that Vodafone, Orange and T Mobile are all competing if they all get the Apple 3G then the consumer wins out big time and yes the 3GS maybe better but if you want an iPhone then you gonna get one and you’ll get a better deal than the crap O2 are pedaling for 40 quid a month.

    We need competition all round no network should have exclusives like this.

  • Yep its true i work in a t-mole store and weve got an exclusive catalogue that updates us with the upcoming phones.

    It should be released in atleast 2 months.

  • Who gies a fuck man? will a git eh celtic scores on it? at wid be kinda good but naecunt cares man!

  • I’d be more inclined to believe that this a sign of O2 making a move on T-Mobile which they’ve been rumoured to be trying. By getting shot of the original iPhone stock that they handed Apple a small fortune for under the flagging brand, they can boost that brands appeal and then potentially assimilate it and its transmitters (given O2’s reportedly woeful performance) when their warehouses are clear of the bad Apples.

    Or to a much lesser extent, they’ve potentially handed over the surplus iPhones for a lease on T-Mobiles transmitters to boost O2’s 3G coverage with the 3Gs. Which is win/win for both parties in the short term.

    Those are my thoughts anyway.

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