Orange announces Toshiba TG01 release

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Orange has announced that the Toshiba TG01 will be exclusively available from tomorrow. It will be available for free – but only if you’re prepared to sign up for a £40 a month, two-year contract.

The plan will give you 1200 minutes of calls a month with unlimited texts and web browsing. It’s not cheap, but hey, you’ll be getting a very powerful smartphone free of charge.

Check out Dan’s preview video as well as his comparison of the TG01 against other flagship smartphones.

Also, check out Toshiba’s very own preview video:

Order via the Orange shop.

(via Orange)

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One thought on “Orange announces Toshiba TG01 release

  • It’s Interesting that the Toshiba TG01 only has two buttons on the front – the home and the back buttons – and they look capacitative at that. The dial and hang-up buttons are implemented within the soft key area which is new in a WM device.

    Share your views at the site is only for TG01 users.

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