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118800.jpgThis is public service announcement from Tech Digest. One and all, please be aware that the 118800 mobile phone directory goes live next week with around 15 million of the UK’s current 60 million mobile phone numbers listed. So, for the non-mathematicians amongst you, that’s around 1 in 4 of us that’ll be in there depending on how many advertising lists we’ve already got ourselves on.

Now, I’ve never one to be that bothered about my personal data being out there in small bite-sized chunks but you might want to consider making yourself ex-directory from the 118800 list. All you have to do is go over to their site and follow the the instructions.

You give them your number, they text you a code and you type it back in. On the down side, it does mean that you actually give them your phone number and there’s a 75% chance they never had it in the first place. Your call. I suggest reading some more about the service itself before you make your mind up. It’s actually not as Daily Mail, life-endingly bad as it sounds.

While we’re on the public service tip, I also suggest that all Londoners who were effected by the Tube strikes a few weeks back also go here to claim two days’ worth of travelcard expense back onto your Oysters. Again, the downside is that they’ll end up registering your Oyster card in the process such that Tfl and their buddies will be able to know your comings and goings about town. On the plus side, it’ll probably cost them a tenner. Worth it?

I shan’t tell you which way I decided to step in both situations. All I’m saying is that you’ve got a very short window in which to make your own minds up. Choose wisely.

Daniel Sung
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  • Wonderful information write-up around the webpage gentleman, I must say I similar to the appearance together with the come to feel in this types of internet site. You are submitting efficiently most certainly, you have to be described as a prepared male. Will probably most assuredly keep returning

  • lm so peed of at tis l got my old number on x directory so had no nusance or cold callers now l changed and got new number within a week l have had about 4 cold callers a day this to me is an infringmnt of my rights and mobile phone companys should be held responsable now l feel sod it and chuck sim away and nt pay bill

  • Hi, Neil from here

    We don’t give out mobile numbers. 118800 is a service for connecting people that know each other’s name and address.

    In the majority of cases it will be a friend or colleague who has lost your number or doesn’t have it on them and needs to get in touch. If you are contacted it will be by 118800 calling to announce the name of that person, or sending a text message with the name and number of the person trying to get in touch. It will then be up to you whether you want to speak to them or not.

    The website is currently unavailable while we improve the service we offer our customers. All ex-directory requests made prior to the 10th of July are being processed and we will be taking ex-directory requests again once the website is back up and running, which will be as soon as possible. (There is no time limit to opt out)

    You will be able to do this free of charge from the website or by calling us on a low charge number from the phone you wish to make ex-directory.

    We recommend you check whether you are in the directory first before taking the time to become ex-directory.

    118800 connect people that know each other, we don’t give out numbers to anyone.

    For more information please visit

    Or watch a video of how the service works 118800



  • I’m pretty annoyed about this, and about not being able to access the website today. I certainly don’t want some numpty phoning my mobile trying to sell me something. Last year I was getting emails every week from a strange woman who thought I was her long-lost relative and wanted to be my friend – I hope she can’t get hold of my mobile number before I ask for it to be deleted!

  • I don’t want my mobile number given out, as people are always trying to find out who I am!

    Virgilio Anderson

  • Surely this is an infringement on privacy rights when we took out our original orange contracts? I’m bouncing about this I’ve tried to delete my details, site maintenence!!! sorry they’ve anticipated people wanting to opt out…keep trying everyone but I don’t have much hope.

  • If you want to list your number use an opt in service like

    I dont want to have to opt out of a directory I never wanted to be in. And would I give them my number to see if I was in it? No bloody chance!

  • See, while it would be a good idea to take your number off the 118 800 database, they aren’t exactly making it easy. As of this morning, the site currently displays the following error message:

    “Apologies. Our website is currently unavailable as we carry out essential maintenance. However it will be available again tomorrow and you will be able to use any security code you have received to complete your ex-directory request. Please do not call 118000 for ex directory requests as you will be asked to visit our website tomorrow. . Thanks for your patience”

    I think the words “booze up” and “brewery” spring to mind.

    • My feelings exactly ! I’ve been trying since Wednesday 8 July and the message you have displayed has been coming up for three days now. I understand we only have 1 day to go so it looks like we’re going to be out of luck.

      Ridiculous !

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