Custom EX: Arcade standard joysticks for your home


UK company Bespoke Arcades has launched a range of customisable arcade standard joysticks remapped for home gaming. The EX Ultimate and EX Pro are made with genuine Sanwa/Seimitsu arcade controller parts for the absolute authentic coin-op feel, they’re finished by hand in a slim wood casing and have high gloss acrylic surface too.

They’re customisable because you can send over a print that Bespoke will lay down in vinyl on top of the joystick surface on your choice of either the black or white finish, and you can also choose whatever colour buttons you want too. You then either opt for the EX Pro – which is compatible with the PC and your choice of PS3, Xbox or Wii – or the EX Ultimate that works with anything you can throw at it.

Buy them direct for £219.99 at the most expensive and, actually, that’s not too bad. You might think twice about bashing them up with Track ‘n Field, though.

EX Custom Sticks

Daniel Sung
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