Sony Ericsson announce GreenHeart eco-phones

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C901_Greenheart_MG(2).JPGSony Ericsson has today unveiled its new range of environmentally friendly “GreenHeart” phones.

The first phones to be released under the GreenHeart banner will be the Naite and C901 which both boasts an array of green credentials, from 50% recycled plastic cases to on-board e-manuals – to cut down on paper usage, and optimized display light sensors that use less energy.

The Naite also comes with a low powered green charger while the C901 ships with a green headset. Both phones are designed to emphasize Sony Ericsson’s commitment to green issues, illustrated by it’s pledge to reduce CO² emissions by 15% for all its products by 2015.Naite_MG_5039(2).JPG

Despite their undeniable green-ness, neither phone has been compromised in terms of features. The C901 candybar handset comes wielding a 5 megapixel camera with smile shutter, autofocus, geo-tagging and face detection while supporting EDGE and HSDPA networks for quick and easy web-browsing.

The Naite comes with single touch video and picture blogging and 100MB of on board memory which is expandable by MicroSD.

Both also come with apps to let you know just how green you are. The C901 comes with WalkMate, an app which compares the steps you take to the same journey travelled by a car. So when you’re patronizing people about using their cars you can be really precise about just how green you are.

The Naite also comes with an eco-app called EcoMate which guides you as to how to live an eco-friendly life.

The C901 will be available in June with the Naite coming out in the summer.

Oli Jones
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