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We previewed the K-Box last month and since then I’ve been putting it through its paces. Check out my video review below. Be warned though, I am sporting some huge bags under my eyes due to an incredibly heavy session at Royal Ascot yesterday. It was Pimms o’clock all day.

So overall, not bad, but not great either. At nearly fifty quid once you’ve paid for delivery, not too cheap either.

If you did want to get yourself a K-Box then go direct to Kerchoonz.

Paul Lamkin
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One thought on “SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: Kerchoonz K-Box

  • I only paid £45 for mine.I rather like it. It’s true that if you put it in the center of a table it has a lot of bass. But if you move it to the edge of the table the bass is less powerful. I have a glass table and it’s great on glass. I don’t think you are supposed to put it on a window without a mounting support though. I wouldnt do that.It sounds great on a wood surface like a desk. I found your video on youtube and I think it’s a good review. I don’t think it is meant to be taken to a festival. there is already a lot of music at a festival.I think it is a solution for people who keep their music in their phone and want to listen to it without it sounding like a tin. I was trying to find a small speaker like this that has bass because I have the LG mini-speaker and it’s ok but there isn’t much bass.

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