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iphone-1.jpgO2 has pretty much matched what AT&T is charging for the new iPhone packages by replacing the dollar sign with a pound. I didn’t know the exchange rate was that bad? Oh no, wait a minute, it isn’t!

While prices in the States have gone down, in the UK, they’ve actually gone up. O2, who’s got some serious explaining to do today, has jacked the 16GB iPhone 3G up from £149 to £184.98 if you wish to add the letter S and a slightly better camera. The 8GB iPhone 3G which costs an equivalent £61 in America is £96.89 over here.

The 32GB iPhone 3GS comes in at £274.23 and all three of theses prices stay until you get to the £44.05 per month tariff with 1200 minutes and 500 texts. With the lower packages, you’ll either pay £34.26 per month for 600 mins and 500 texts or £29.38 for 75 mins and 125 texts. Watch those texts, though. One MMS will take away four in one go!

For straight PAYG

  • iPhone 3G 8GB – £342.50
  • iPhone 3G S 16GB – £440.40
  • iPhone 3G S 32GB – £538.30

So, how do you feel about this? Will you be buying? Will you be upgrading and will you be forking out for the tethering bolt-on on top of this?

iPhone on O2

Daniel Sung
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  • “The 8GB iPhone 3G which costs an equivalent £61 in America is £96.89 over here.”

    The 8GB is £61 in America on a 24 month contract.

    The 8GB is FREE in the UK on a 24 month contract.

    Check your facts.

  • This is moving me away from the iPhone. It’s too expensive, and the tethering as bolt on for additional £15 p/m bizarre.

    So I think I’ll be doing the following:

    1. Blackberry for email
    2. USB 3G stick for getting online, pay as I go
    3. ipod for music, instead of iphone

    And I’ll be saving a ton of money. This convergence is overpriced, and making me move back to seperate items.

    Having said that the Nokia 97 might be a better all round deal when up and running.

  • What O2 are doing is preventing loyal hardcore apple users from purchasing the i phone 3GS. Apple must realize that they will see a huge decrease in sales this year if the upgrade deal is not changed. Apple should take O2 to court. O2 have ignored Apple’s policy for making the i phone more affordable as requested by the consumer last year.
    One more thing: This is an example of how mobile phone companies like O2 simply hinder innovation and technological advancements. O2 are unfamiliar with this concept and do not see the difference or value that the i phone provides against other mobiles.
    How can Apple move on without the consumer’s view, and their appreciation of Apple’s work.
    Sort it out by next week!

  • i work for o2 and theres no perks either! same as you!! pay contract off! i got an email this morning saying we cant upgrade and said ” As the customer paid for the original device outright, this changed the handset subsidy model that we, and all the other networks operate and we offered our existing 2G iPhone customers “


  • The PAYG deal is way overpriced, £538 ???
    An affordable iPhone, as quoted from apple on monday, I think they need to be re-thinking their UK deal and taking the exclusivity away from, O2 – whcih they seem to be taking advantage of on both the PAYG and monthly contract.
    I will definitely not be buying, which I’m quite dissapointed cause I was hoping to finally buy an iPhone this year…

  • Well, O2 have until December when my Vodafone contract comes up for renewal to drop the price otherwise I’m getting a HTC Magic or something better.

    Total rubbish.

  • I agree with this. O2 have stated and other people “simply because you have an iPhone you shouldnt be treated special”.
    I think this was all a big ploy from O2…knowing that when the 3G was releaced an updated model would be released 12 months later…they offered a upgrade offer when the 3G was released in which all you had to do is renew your 18 month contract and buy the new phone. O2 knew when the 3GS is released they woudlnt offer this upgrade meaning…iPhone users who want to upgrade and expected after O2’s actions would be able to now cant and will either have to stick with the contract or buy it out earning O2 more money.

  • IT doesn’t matter about the 24 month contract as compared to the UKs 18 or not… o2 don’t care about their customers whatsoever, if you go by their actions.

    The fact that they don’t let iphone users upgrade early is (in the eyes of the law/contract) forgivable… but the HEFTY prices on EVERYTHING is absolutely shocking. Phone = huge price, tethering = huge price, calls = huge price!

    They are ripping the uk off in a time that people are at their most vulnerable they have been in decades! They’ve even pulled the ability to use bolt-ons!… Actual daylight robbery – and i’m impressed that apple want to be publicly linked to a team of thieves.

    I’ve waited for this phone for months… and now i’m sick that my interest and excitability is being used againt me.

    Poor form o2.

  • ..everybody seems to forget that the iPhone pricing in the US is based on a 2 years contract whereas O2 the prices mentioned above are for a 18 months contract with O2.

  • Looks lovely.
    Looks pricey.
    I was all geared up to get the new iPhone, but now, maybe I’ll wait a while.

  • if you want a 16G iPhone then it has jumped from:

    £155 to £184 on 18Month x £35
    £57 to £87 on 24Month x £35


    And the tethering is a full on screw over, double dipping indeed.


  • if you want a 16G iPhone then it has jumped from:

    £155 to £184 on 18Month x £35
    £57 to £87 on 24Month x £35


    And the tethering is a full on screw over, double dipping indeed.


  • If someone at O2 hasnt accidentally messed up here then O2 must really be loosing it.

  • I really do hope that people start to see the light regarding this outrageously expensive paperweight.

    Given that the best thing about the new phone is the software that’s being shared with the old one, you should all see sense and stay put.

    Or buy a phone worthy of such a pricetag. Either/or. 🙂

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