Intel to supply Nokia with mobile chips

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Untsssssfitled.jpgIntel has reportedly struck a deal with Nokia to supply processors for the mobile phone giant. The arrangement would be a major coup for Intel who dominate the computer processor market but who have struggled to make an impact in the mobile phone market.

Intel’s Atom Processor, which is a low powered version of their x86 chip and is currently popular in the netbook market, is rumoured to be the chip that will be used. It will have to be lower powered than it currently is but if it proves successful it will come as a relief to the organisation who, in 2006, scrapped a $5billion investment into mobile chips as they thought they had missed the boat.

Most Nokia releases currently come with chips made by Texas, Qualcomm or Freescale. The single CPU, 434 MHz, ARM11 chip that powers Nokia’s latest flagship smartphone – the N97 – has faced early criticism for being sluggish.

This partnership could prove monumental in terms of the future of mobile phone development. Nokia are the world’s biggest manufacturer of mobile phones and Intel are the clear leaders in terms of CPU production. You do the math…s.

This deal should be confirmed later on today, so be sure to check back later for any updates.

(via Bloomberg)

Paul Lamkin
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