3 launch one month contract mobile broadband


3.jpg3 has today announced a one-month contract mobile broadband offering. The package offers 5GB of data allowance a month for £15.

They claim that it’s “Britain’s most flexible and affordable contract” and we’re not going to argue with them. I’ve had a little look around and it is bloomin’ good value compared to the other players in the market.

For the same price and contract terms, Vodafone will only give you 1GB and Orange and O2 will only allow 3GB.

If you’re using 3 mobile broadband on pay-as-you-go at the moment, you’ll simply need to pop a new, free sim card into your dongle. New customers will need to buy a new dongle – they sell the Huawei MF627, E156g and E1550 for £19.99.

The plan is called “Broadband 5GB 1 Month” – I hope they didn’t pay the marketing geniuses too much too come up with that one – and it’s available online here.

Mobile broadband is becoming ever more popular and this is certainly a good deal if you want to go down that path. Consider if you really need to though, many 3G phones will allow you to share your 3G connection with your laptop using apps like JoikuSpot. And the iPhone will now allow tethering – even if this might not be a cheap option at present.

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  • I’ve been using Verizon Broadband since 1/08. 2 yr contract $59.95
    per mo. 5GB limit. Very few problems; sometimes they drop my download speed. I can’t get DSL where I live, but this is way better
    than dialup. I just wish someone would come up with a cheaper alternative here in the USA.

  • So what happens after the month contract? Do you need to top up the account with more data credit? There doesn’t seem to be any mention of a PAYG scheme on the 3 website.

    Also, if the 5GB isn’t used within a month, does it expire or roll over to another month, or what?

    The plan details on the 3 website seem (intentionally?) vauge as if they’ve not really thought it through properly and just want to grab headlines with a cheap-on-paper deal.

    I currently use Vodafone £15 PAYG mobile broadband, but the data doesn’t expire if I don’t use the modem from one month to the next.

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