Linden Lab announces Second Life in-world to out-world phone calls

Web 2.0

2ndlife.jpgLinden Lab, the white-coats behind the Second Life experience, is lauching a service called AvaLine which allows people to make calls from a landline to a user in Second Life, and users to make calls out of Second Life to a landline – to a non-Second Life user.

“We’re launching a beta-testing programme today with the full service launching later this year,” said Linden Labs.

15 billions minutes of voice have been delivered in Second Life. That’s equal to 28,539 years. If we put those minutes end-on-end and launched them back into the mists of time, they’d reach the Pleistocene era – then they’d probably get eaten by a giant sloth, or Madonna – zing!

The success of VoIP in Second Life is marked by the fact 50% of Second Lifers, including educators, consumers and large enterprises use voice in their everyday in-world activity.

Does anyone else feel like the lines are starting to blur? Does anyone else feel pretty excited? Does that arouse anyone else? No? Just me then.

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