VIDEO: Fan-power jetpack

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Meet Martin Jetpack, Dutch inventor determined to produced back-strapped solo powered flight. Presumably a big fan of Thunderball. In this video we see Martin’s latest creation. This is the Ducted Fanpack and, according to the man, it can get up to speeds of 60mph and has a range of 8,000 feet before you need the in-built emergency parachute.

It’s not exactly portable and looks more like a drum kit than anything else but, well, take a look…

It doesn’t look like it goes that high which could be an issue if you don’t live in Holland or East Anglia but, should you be sufficiently stunned and not in stitches, then see if you can tap up the bank for the $100,000 you’ll need.

(via Oh Gizmo!)

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  • This thing is totally awesome – ten years and we will all be flying em!

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