Sony to release 21 inch OLED TV by end of year with Samsung 40 inch to follow


sony-oled.jpgLarge OLED TVs will be a reality by the end of the year with a raft more to follow in 2010. But one does feel compelled to ask, what’s the bleeding point, if a 21 inch model costs upward of £5000? I don’t care if you’re Garry Gadget, surely for that money, any sane person would buy a 65 inch HD Plasma with enough change left over to buy a 22 inch HD LCD.

Seiko Epson Corporation today announced it has developed inkjet technology that allows for the uniform deposition of organic material in the production of large-screen OLED televisions. This goes a long way to resolving the uneven layering that had previously hindered the mass-scale production of large screen OLED TVs.

But it looks like it might be Sony who is the first to release a large-screen OLED TV after demoing a 21 inch model at the Flat Panel Expo in Japan, with Samsung releasing a 31 inch or 40 inch model soon thereafter.

OLED looks to be the future of TV, with wide viewing angles, amazing richness and depth and blacks that would make the even 3am look positively luminescent, but at prices that would make even the most spendthrifty wince it might be a while yet before an OLED panel makes its way into everyone’s homes.

(Via Akihabara News)

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