Sennheiser introduce Series II Style in-ear headphones

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sen260509.jpgSennheiser has released three new in-ear headphones, the CX 550 STYLE II, OMX 95 VC Style II and MX 95 VC Style II.

Aimed squarely at well-groomed, jogging, Audi drivers, the Style II series all feature premium quality crafted metal designs and are “optimized for iPod” (Just how? That’s what I want to know).

They all wield “extra-powerful neodymium-iron magnets” which are sure to sound loads better than the buds bundled with your mp3 player do.

They also come with a snazzy case to put them in for that 1% of time they aren’t wrapped around your iPod – we all know we’re not meant to but we do it anyway, because its easier right, so deal with it.

The CX 550s feature ambient noise dampening and are designed to stop sound leakage annoying other passengers, but retailing at £80 you might want to try the cheaper alternative the OMXs at £60 or the MXs for £40.

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