RUMOUR: iPhone 3G to get only minor update in 2009

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chinese-iphone.jpgWord on a Chinese forum that the iPhone 3G will only be getting a few subtle tweeks this year will come as a sigh of relief to those who signed up to the Jesus Phone in the last few months.

According to one poster, who claims to have had his hands on the new prototype, we’ll getting ostensibly the same handset in looks and design with the identical 3.5″ 480 x 320 touchscreen, but it will be running faster and stronger than ever thanks to the change from a 400MHz Samsung ARM processor to a 600MHz model. There’s also a doubling of the RAM to an old laptop threatening 256MB.

The claims echo older stories of a 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus, a magnetometer compass and the two model memory choices of 16GB and 32GB.

Always hard to tell if there’s much truth in these things particularly as there’s been some Chinese whispers involved – pun semi-intended – but there’s a lot that feels right about the features even down to the model numbers quoted in the post.

Apple Insider is treating the story with a degree of caution but then they’ve a greater Mac reputation at stake.

Daniel Sung
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