Mvix Nubbin – wireless-N USB adaptor for your ancient laptop

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Nubbin.jpgThe Mivx Nubbin might not be the sexiest name for a product but when this little USB devil can give your old arse laptop the kind draft-N wireless your router’s been able to do since the Dark Ages, who cares?

Naturally, it’s backwards compatible with IEEE 802.1n draft 3.0 and IEEE 802.1b/g to suit your location and it’ll deliver up to 150Mbps speeds with just a 3/4 inch body. That makes it the smallest USB draft-N adaptor in the world today – well, at least for the next three minutes.

Works with Windows, Macs and Linux too.Yours for $39 including free postage if you happen to live in the US.

Daniel Sung
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