Google introduces changes to everyone's search


google-pollock.jpgGoogle does a lot of tinkering with their 3 million services but when they make a significant change to their bread and butter search system, it’s something the whole world should take notice of.

So, the owner of the internet is showing us a few search options they’ve added for one and all to help us narrow down our results into pages we’re actually looking for. I’ll allow the gent below to explain:

Not sure about the Wonder Wheel – we seem to get that anyway at the bottom of the search pages, just not in bubbles – but otherwise the time parameters look pretty damn useful.

Part of me feels as though it’s a move towards satisfying the major publishers of the world by finding a way to prioritize their content but, at its heart, I do believe this is a move for the benefit of the end user more than anything else. I’ll certainly be using it and, finger’s crossed, be reaping a few rewards of that “Review” section.

(via Google Blog)

Daniel Sung
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