Average broadband speeds break the 4Mbps barrier in the UK


9broadband.jpgThe average broadband connection in the UK provides over 4Mbps for the first time according to broadband.co.uk. No particular mention of upload rates but then I guess we’re all a bunch of web leechers, right?

The figure are up from 3.2Mbps on last year’s study with Virgin Media still the fastest, closely followed by O2. Naturally, quality of service is not included in this accolade but, of course, the real issue is that with the likes of iPlayer, the popularisation of video streaming and now HD in the equation, we’re using even more bandwidth than ever. Ergo, we’re not actually getting a faster browsing experience.

Having a quick look, I’m getting speeds of an average of 5Mbps plus here at Shiny Towers. What are you getting where you are? Send in your average speeds to @techdigest with an @reply and we’ll see who’s the winner. In the mean time, I’m off to Korea for some proper internet access. Not North.


Daniel Sung
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  • Im getting a steady 10MB on Virgin here. I think with the recent advent of Virgin 50Mb and all this fuss about ‘Digital Britain’ the average speeds should have been boosted over the last year.

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